The development of startups in a context of constant uncertainty

At first, we should understand what were the methods that the team managerial adopted in order to keep constant growth in a context of uncertainty. For this, we carried out a systemic observation work in their day-to-day activities before establishing the research question and mobilizing the theoretical frameworks correspondents. 

To gather information about the development of startups in a context of uncertainty and the analysis of decision-making in a multicultural team, a research have been conducted. There have been detected certain factors that had a significant impact on employee performance and therefore more generally, the business performance. 

Note that in the case of this startup, the performance of the company is the result of the sum of the individual performances of each employee. Of this way, we were trying to understand how the startup maintained constant growth while internally, certain factors can affect its performance. 

These elements were the main motivation for our research. The observation process took place during the meetings that the company performs daily. These exposed problems related to internal communication and more specifically, in the speeches undertaken by the management team as well as by the employees of the company. 

Still on the basis of observations made beforehand, we decided to focus our research on this  hidden aspect of communication that affects employees at a particular time in their day: “speaking within the team”. 

Things to know about startups 

Be prepared for the dangers of having own business – find out the stages of creating your own start-up.

Like many people, do you dream of creating the next Google, Apple or Facebook? Far too many entrepreneurs are now obsessed with creating “The Next Big Thing”. So wake up and focus on something you can and will do well! Here are the steps to go to go beyond your “business-ego” and build a viable business that suits you.

  1. Step One: having an idea

The first thing to know is that you are to have a business idea, but from this moment, things will turn. Stop looking for the idea that will revolutionize the world! Create the best business for you and your customers. 

Do you have a business idea and want to start your own business? Go from idea to realization! How to validate your idea, test your market, define your business model or finance the start of its activity? This white paper gives you all the keys to turn your idea into success!

An idea is worth nothing! In this ten-minute video you will learn that an idea is worth nothing without staking in action. The humor and relevance of the author are a significant added value. 

  1. Step Two: Testing the idea

Before launching your start-up … Test the idea! 

Many project leaders have the “Perfect Product” syndrome, that is to say even before to get started, these future entrepreneurs want to offer a perfect product with a multitude of “great features”. 

Fault! Take the time to test your idea by implementing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to make sure there is a real need! Setting up an MVP needs to be clever because the objective of it is to collect a maximum information about your market and your future customers!

There are seven ways to test your idea with an MVP. The biggest cause of failure of startups is very simple (if we talk about numbers only): it is NOT to START. It’s crazy how many people don’t not give a chance to their ideas, which self-censor … And it’s actually a shame. Whenever a potential entrepreneur (we speak of wantrepreneur) kills himself a idea, it’s a bit of the startup ecosystem that loses out.

  1. Step Three: Create a business model

What Is a Business Model? The phrase business model is “a term of art.” And like art itself, it’s one of those things many people feel they can recognize when they see it (especially a particularly clever or terrible one) but can’t quite define.

  1. Step Four: Finance and create

You have validated your Business Model and you are close to creation. Now is the time to think about funding. To start read this article on grants and aid and think about the legal form of your future business.

Tips: What aids to finance the creation of your startup?

Do you want to start your own business and need financing? Know that before leaving When meeting investors, you can benefit from valuable and undiluted aid from your capital. Zoom on some external financing to strengthen your start-up.