Best cheap smart home gadgets

The 21st century is the time of smart technologies, they surround us every day in every aspect of our lives, simplify it and help us save time on some work. The concept of the smart home is especially popular now, but some may have the impression that it is too expensive. We hasten to tell you that you can buy smart devices controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a very good price. In this article, we will give you an overview of cheap smart home gadgets and their main features.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

Ring Video Doorbell Pro will be a great option if you are worried about the security of your home. With it, you can remotely open the door wherever you are and talk through the device with your guests. Plus, this smart doorbell sends alerts to your phone if it notices any suspicious movement insight, or when someone pushes the door lock.

Although it’s budget-friendly, the camera has advanced motion detection and will let you know if it detects any activity in your marked motion areas.

Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Overview

The Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart speaker models on the market. With Alex and voice control, you can make calls, check the weather, set alarms, ask questions, and get answers just by asking Alex, while doing your own thing or just not touching anything.

This smart speaker is also capable of other things, like controlling compatible smart home devices with your voice. It can turn lights on and off, change channels on your TV or adjust the temperature of your air conditioner, and play music. This is not all of her abilities, as she is programmed with more than 50,000 functions and becomes a great helper for household chores.

TP-Link Smart Lamp Overview

With the smart lamp, you can adjust the lights around the house from anywhere, also with Alex’s support. Control the brightness of the light, turn off the light in one room and turn on the light in another room with your voice, you just need to connect the bulb to Alexa or Google Assistant devices.

There is nothing complicated about installing the bulb, and it is also able to change its light and its appearance (warm, cold, soft, etc.). In addition, these bulbs are incredibly economical, helping to reduce electricity consumption by up to 80% without sacrificing light quality.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

In today’s world, even cleaning can be done without getting off the couch, just by giving the vacuum cleaner a command. Monitor the activity of the robot vacuum cleaner through a special application iRobot to point the vacuum cleaner to the place of his work, and then get a message when the process is complete.

This amazing robot vacuum cleaner can continuously clean for about an hour and a half and recharge its battery by default. It comes with a three-step cleaning system and a quality filter that destroys 99% of dirt and debris.

Amazon Cloud Cam Video Surveillance Camera Review

This affordable CCTV camera is of 1080p picture quality which is the standard for many security cameras. With it, you can monitor your home through a special app, watch live feeds, or review the video on replay. As soon as the camera detects activity, it immediately notifies you.

The camera also has built-in night vision and two-way audio, so you can communicate with visitors to your home through it.