Avast free antivirus from Mac

How to uninstall Avast free antivirus from Mac?

In the recent past, almost all antiviruses were paid software. Currently, most well-known developers offer special free versions of their software products. Although they have limitations in functionality, they are still able to protect the computer from all kinds of virus threats and actions of all kinds of malicious/unwanted programs. Take a look at how to install Avast free antivirus from Mac below.

Avast Free Antivirus from Mac

Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus for its “free” charges a small fee, but not financial, but moral and psychological, from time to time inviting the user to download and install one or another Avast software product. Of course, it was not without the presence of blocked functions, which become available only after purchasing a subscription. So how to uninstall avast antivirus?

The first thing that catches your eye after launching the antivirus is a huge button to perform “Smart Scan”. And “smart” scanning is called “smart” for a reason. The fact is that Avast checks your computer not only for all possible types of viruses but also:

  1. Scans extensions/plugins of all installed browsers.
  2. Finds outdated programs that can cause a PC infection (due to the loss of relevance, apparently).
  3. In addition to the standard scan modes – fast, full, real-time, and custom – the antivirus program also offers to run, the so-called. “Rating scan”.

Free Antivirus is really “as easy as a penny” to manage. Its main task – computer scanning – slowly performs in the background. Each time the user opens the program, the user will see the number of scanned files – and this number is constantly increasing. We hasten to inform you that the word “Premium” in the name of the antivirus does not mean that this product is paid for. The paid version of the anti-virus program is called “Comodo Internet Security Pro” – such is the marketing trick of the developer.

The Way of Avast Uninstallation

Here you can get information not only about running processes, but also services, as well as process-related descriptors and modules. Resource Monitor has a useful feature not found in Task Manager — determining the average processor load over a period of 60 seconds. If this or that process slows down the computer for only a few seconds, which of them did it for a minute, it will be possible to determine by sorting the list by the “Average for CPU” parameter. Through the “Resource Monitor” you can see the levels of memory and disk consumption by processes, for which you need to go to the “Memory” or “Disk” tab, respectively.

But here, too, the Avast developers found something to surprise with, having come up with the Custom Scan feature. The function allows you to create your own schedule for launching one of the available scan types with the ability to fine-tune this process:

  • Availability of all necessary protection modules: file protection, behavior analysis (warnings for suspicious program behavior), web protection (preventing network attacks and downloading dangerous files to your computer), and mail protection (only relevant when using mail clients).
  • Network Analysis: Identification of various vulnerabilities in the local network, as well as detection of all the computers. The function also allows you to check the configuration of the Wi-Fi router and identify potentially dangerous settings for its settings (for example, a standard password from the router’s web interface is set).